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Floorplan and Photos

Welcome to our floorplan and photos page! Please take a few minutes to browse through our photos and learn more about why Colonial Heights Townhouses is one of the most comfortable and best places to live as a student of BYU-Idaho.

Each townhouse has a front door located at ground level. The main floor includes a large living room (14'9" x 14'10"), kitchen, and bathroom. Every kitchen has two refrigerators and a back door leading to a porch. The upstairs and downstairs floors have a private bedroom (11' x 10'), a shared bedroom (15' x 16'), and a bathroom. Total square footage in each apartment is approximately 1,560 feet.

shared room
Shared Bedroom
(shared by 3 tenants)

private room
Private Bedroom

living room
Living Room

Colonial Heights Townhouses
Rear Entrance


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